Hola!  My name is Sulai Lopez.  Here you will find some information about my work, background, and education.   My father is a Venezuelan Spaniard who has lived most of his life in Mexico and my mother is a compulsive knitter American European Californian Mid Westerner (who would probably pinch me for calling her a mid-westerner).  Both have great hair and I am thankful for their genes.  I was born in Santa Cruz California and grew up in San Miguel De Allende Mexico, St. Agatha Maine, and Chicago.  I studied acting, film, and photography in NYC at Pace University, HB Studios, and Brooklyn College receiving my Bachelor's degree from the CUNY BA program in a self created major called 'Performance and the Visual Image.'  During my time in NYC I began painting with oils and studying and performing clown and performance art in various cabaret spots around the city.   I spent 6 months in the south of India making an experimental documentary exploring happiness and writing a one woman show called "The Culture of Compunction: The Archetypes of Neurosis" which both had their premiere in Bangalore India.  I received a photography grant to return to India for a three month photographic journey through Rajasthan, Calcutta, Goa, and the slums of Mumbai.  In 2007, I traveled to South Africa to take photos for None on Record, an incredible organization documenting the stories of queer African artists and activists.  In 2009 'The Red Shoes' a short film I directed, acted in, and edited premiered at the Expresion En Corto film festival in Guanajuato Mexico.  I moved to Los Angeles in 2008, tried the actor thing, became a certified massage therapist and kundalini yoga teacher, lived in a trailer on a mountain and fell into a little start-up called Maker Studios--later to be bought by Disney for 900 million dollars.  It was at Maker Studios that I began my career as a costume designer working on various wonderfully ridiculous youtube videos which eventually lead me to become costume designer/art director of Epic Rap Battles of History for four years and received 2 streamy awards for "best costume design on the internet."  During my time in LA I have collaborated as a volunteer artist with The Virginia Avenue Project creating theatre with children and lead a textile arts workshop at My Friend's Place-a resource center for homeless youth where I have currently been working on a series of oil pastel portraits of homeless youth.  I have done the Improv training program at the Groundlings, continued to explore clown with Deanna Fleysher's (Butt Kapinski) Naked Comedy Lab, studied the dominatrix arts, starred in two William Leavitt feature films, tied up Nicky Minaj for a music video, created custom paintings for a jewelry campaign, written and produced youtube videos,  and am currently writing a feature about a girl going through a break-up.  

Contact: sulaimichelle@gmail.com